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Thursday, October 12, 2006
Mac: Look Ma, No Hands!

Don't look now, but iPhoto has no Services menu. Either the developer accidentally hit delete when his hand cramped up after redrawing all those pesky IB connections, or ... what?
[servicesMenu needsDisplay:YES inAllApplications:YES&YES consistentlyAndUniformly:YES|YES|YES];

if ([[NSApp sharedInstance] hasNoServicesMenu])
[[[Cocoa sharedInstance] pasteBoard] basicallyRehashOfSystem6EraTechnologyWithNothingNewToOffer ];
/* note to self: time to move Petzold's programming Windows from the wishlist to the shopping cart */

Did Steve Jobs say that porting to Intel was just a recompile? Oooooh, I thought he said WinTel.

Tags: apple | cocoa | carbon
By : NeXT!0x0000DEAD Look Ma, No Hands!



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