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Friday, February 02, 2007
Mac: Apple Apparently Not Invited to Beta Test

Vista may corrupt iPods, Apple warns
Until then, PC-using iPod customers could experience a number of other problems if they're running Vista, including contacts and calendars that won't synch with their iPods and problems making changes to iPod settings.

In the meantime, some users report that they can get downloaded iTunes songs to play on Vista if they right-click on the iTunes.exe program, select Properties, click on the Compatibility tab, and check "Run This Program As An Administrator."

Maybe it's better to just wait for the update.

Usually EETimes is pretty dry, but that last sentence is quite droll.

Myself, I ran the Vista upgrade on Tuesday and it was completely painless. The new UI candy is very nice. Like Apple, Microsoft has no trouble painting the Window bits into a quad and texturing it in 3D space. Unfortunately for both of them, as far as "OS innovation" goes, SGI had this particular flashy feature back in 1993. So it's neither competitive nor innovative. So stop complaining.

I grabbed a great screenshot of Safari crashing hard while I attempted to view a youtube.com clip of Bill Gates on Jon Stewart's show discussing the Vista launch. If only I were faking it with Photoshop.

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