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Friday, October 27, 2006
Mac: Once out of Micro$oft, OpenSource Looking Real Profitable

If you don't associate the name Brad Silverberg with Microsoft, you're either under 21 or have a bad memory.

SourceLabs said that it has secured $7 million in series B financing, as the company seeks to capitalize on the growing acceptance of open-source software among corporations. The money will be used to continue developing SourceLabs' automated support system and expand its sales operations, said CEO Byron Sebastian on Wednesday. SourceLabs was launched about two years ago around the idea of offering corporate customers support for open-source software products, particularly Linux, Apache Web server, MySQL database and other Java development software. Earlier this year, it introduced software for automatically spotting and diagnosing software glitches, a system designed to speed up problem resolution. Investor Brad Silverberg, a partner at venture capital firm Ignition Partners, said that SourceLabs' automated support system is the company's "secret weapon."

Maybe it's the _other_ Brad Silverberg.

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By : NeXT!0x0000DEAD Once out of Micro$oft, OpenSource Looking Real Profitable 0 comments



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